Guerilla Warfare


Guerilla warfare is a unique way of fighting. It's main strategy is to get the upper hand by using ambushes, raids, and booby traps.


The Vietcong used guerilla warfare to fight the U.S. They used various tactics such as booby traps which consist of punji sticks, mace traps, grenade traps, and land mines, they used tunnels that extended long distances, and they hid in villages as civilians. The Vietcong was famous for their booby traps.

Punji Sticks

The most used booby trap was the punji sticks. What they did was dig a hole and take the punji sticks that were stuck in feces and put them in the concealed hole, so when an American soldier falls into the hole his wounds will be infected and it would lead to amputation of the limb or death.


The Vietcong used wide ranges of tunnels to ambush the American soldiers and get the upper hand. The most famous tunnel system was the Cu Chi Tunnels which was located under the Ho Chi Minh City. These tunnels consisted of living quarters, command base, kitchen, medical quarters, and a weapons cache. Most tunnels would extend miles out.

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