Battles 1970-73

Secret Bombing on Cambodia, March 18,1969.
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1970: Richard Nixon planned a B-52 Bombing on Cambodia. But when the American Press heard word of the secret bombing on Cambodia, it wasn't much of a secret anymore.

1971: Battle of Ban Dong was a huge battle of "Nam". Where it happened in Laos, which also included North and South Vietnam.

1972: President Nixon makes an unpredicted 8 day appearance to communist China, and met up with Mao Zedong.

Other Battles included the last major ground engagement between U.S. and NVA forces at the Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord in 1970. For the rest of the U.S. evolvement (1971-73) most U.S. attacks were arial and naval operations such as Operation Linebacker, Linebacker II, Operation Homecoming, and many others, used to wear down the North and slow supply movement. These assaults were very expensive, and devastating but many believed they were ineffective (Bragdon, McCutchen, Ritchie 995).


By 1973 many air assault operations such as Operation Arc Light, and Operation Freedom Real were ended as our exit from the war approached (Brigham: Battlefield Vietnam).

February 20, 1970 presidential advisor Henry A. Kissinger initiates a top secret peace negotiations in Paris. April 29 United States Troops invade Cambodia.
May 4th Four Anti-war students killed during demonstrations at Kent State University, Ohio. April 15-20, 1972 large spread antiwar demonstrations in U.S. June 1972 Watergate break in and arrest. December 18, 1972 Bombing of Hanoi and haiphong resumed to break stalled peace negotiations.

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