Our next project consists of creating a CLASS WEBPAGE where each student is responsible for one-two pages. All together in its entirety, we will have what is knows as a “Wiki” reference page for the Vietnam War. This will be on-line and available for viewing from any computer, so keep this is mind while you’re creating it!

Your page assignments will be chosen, but it is what you do with your page that will be graded/evaluated. You may reference information on the internet and any info that I have given you in the interim, but you MUST put everything that goes on the web page in YOUR OWN WORDS as they will be checked for plagiarism. *Must use one book source *Must cite everything in PROPER MLA format on the collective Works Cited page!

These original pages have already been created for you by Mrs. Pillar, so right now they are blank slates for you to furnish with your knowledge. You will be graded on the attached rubric, and also receiving weekly class grades on your participatory efforts in class.

Some of Our Topics

Statistics Soldiers: Duties/Routine Difficulties

The Draft Personal Testimony: Soldiers US Citizens

Social Unrest US Involvement: 1964-67 ‘68-70 ‘71-73

Battles: 1964-69 1970-73 Culture: Literature Music Art

Media: Television Print

MISS LEWIS’Vietnam Wiki

Vietnam Wiki